Playfield of Sand 
Experimental Short Film 2020

The present doesn’t seem to be moving towards a definitive future, yet one has to believe that it is, it must! The self has stopped racing and trying to keep up with the modern world, in turn letting the past (however fragmented) to catch up in the form of memories. Recollection, the very act of remembering things past is slowly finding room in this new space-time of the pandemic.

This work is a manifestation of that need for recollection, and reconsideration of memories, of meaningful relationships, the value of words, of touch, and the very act of breathing. It springs from personal angst for the liberation of the emotional and the nostalgia of unrequited love, a seemingly naive search for the kind of love that would ennoble the self. For the artists of this work, it's an attempt to come to terms with the memory of past things, the perception of the present, and the expectations of the future.